Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Multi Layered Security

Protect Your Business with Sharp’s Comprehensive Document Security Solutions

Sharp's Award Winning Industry Leading Multi Layered Security

A powerful array of cutting-edge, user-friendly utilities and options helps Sharp Multifunction Copier / Printers meet the document demands of most businesses while boosting productivity and enhancing workflow.

Advanced Security Solutions from Sharp Protect your confidential information with Sharp’s industry-leading, multi-layered security solutions. Safely copy, print, scan, and fax documents in any business environment.

Document Security
Sharp’s innovative Data Security Kit (DSK) encrypts and completely erases from the MFD’s hard disk or flash memory the data generated for each job, thus preventing confidential information from being recovered by unauthorised persons. The Document Control Function, available for use on Sharp MFDs with the Data Security Kit, prevents unauthorised copying, scanning, faxing, and filing of confidential documents by embedding them with copy-prevention data. Encrypted PDF secures a document by scanning it into a password-protected PDF for transmission over the network in encrypted format. In order to see the file, viewers must re-enter the password.  

Network Security and User Authentication
IP/MAC Address Filtering
restricts unauthorised access to networked machines by allowing access only to those PCs that have their IP address or MAC (media access control) address registered. SSL (secure sockets layer) prevents data leakage through the network by enabling the encryption of data communications when printing via IPP, browsing secure Web pages, or communicating via e-mail and/or FTP.Many Sharp MFDs support IPv6. IPsec (IP Security), an obligatory part of IPv6, is a set of protocols for securing Internet communications by encrypting and authenticating traffic between specified parties. This gives IPsec-compatible products an extremely high level of network security. User Authentication ensures secure operation from the control panel by requiring passwords for machine access to prevent unauthorised operation.