Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Professional Range Options

Interface Expansion Board For PNE Series Professional LCD Monitors

Expand the PNE Series LCD Monitors with a variety of interfaces.



PN-ZB01 Interface Expansion Board

The PNZB01 is supported by many of the full - HD Professional LCD Monitors like the PNE421, PNE471R, PNE521, PNE601, PNE602, PNE702, PNL702B, PNL602B and PNL601B.

To extend the range of applications via connection with various devices, an optional PN-ZB01 Interface Expansion Board is available, providing a number of inputs and outputs, including DVI-D input & output, Component Video, external speakers, audio inputs, PC analogue input, Component, S-Video as well as an RJ-45  LAN connection.

  • DVI-D input & DVI-D output
  • Component input (BNC)
  • Composite Input (BNC)
  • PC Analogue input
  • S-Video input
  • RJ-45 Lan port
  • Speaker output
  • Audio input

Built-in communication functions

  • SNMP Support

    Display status, continuous operating time, and other parameters can be monitored over a local area network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
  • Web Browser Setting

    Sharp LCD monitors can be easily operated through a Web browser and monitor control software.
  • E-Mail Notification

    With the E-Mail Notification function, regular display status updates can be sent to a specified e-mail address and malfunctions can be reported.